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Tips on Mowing you Lawn


With Summer coming up soon in Saskatoon and spring in full effect I'm sure plenty of you are out there in your lawns, fixing it up and maintaining it here are some tips on lawn mowing so it's an easier and faster process.

1. Try to mow before it gets too hot outside, in the hot season. 

While you do not want to mow when there is morning dew still on the grass, it's a good idea to avoid the hottest times of day if you live in a warmer climate. Heat exhaustion can be incredibly dangerous and should always be taken into account.

2. Make sure the lawnmower is set at the correct height. 

Different types of grass require different heights of cut. Identify your type of grass before you set your mower height. People can be very picky about how their grass is cut.

3. Check all the equipment to make sure it's not low on gas and/or oil. 

This should include a lawn mower, weed whipper, edger, and leaf blower.

4. Choke the mower. 

Most mowers require you to choke it. (Let air flow travel by pulling a handle) once done push back in and turn up the speed, also don't forget to take the brake off when ready to move.

5. Begin to outline the premises, reminder that the grass shoots to the right side of the mower so start on the left outline and try not to spray anything with the grass (House, cars, sheds, statues). 

This is done so when you make your lines you can turn around and not worry about missing any patches.

6. Use a variety of cutting styles. W

hen mowing it's suggested to use a different direction each time. Switch up how you are cutting, whether it's vertically, horizontally or overlapping rows, until you are sure that all the grass is even. One thing that's important to remember is to always push your mower forward not backward. Mowing backward could be dangerous and unsafe. When beginning the cut, for quality preference, make your lines in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

7. When making one strip you can not turn around right away or you will tear up some of the grass. 

You have to come in turn whatever way your next strip is, back up and then follow through so there is no rough turning. When making your lines, stay as straight as possible to make it look good.


8. Alternate directions as you mow the lawn. 

After 2 passes go back and forth in any direction, it is important to alternate the mowing direction each time the lawn gets mown. If you do not alternate the direction you can cause excessive wear, or damage the lawn.

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