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5 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Spring



There’s no better way to preserve the value of your home than with regular, consistent maintenance. So every time the seasons' changes.

Make sure you’re keeping in tip-top shape!

1. Check your gutters and downspouts

Whether you did this in the fall after all the leaves fell or not, there’s a good chance your gutters and downspouts need some care after the buildup of ice and snow. Do a perimeter check from the ground to make sure nothing has come loose or detached from the house.

2. Fix cracks

Cracks that may have occurred in your foundation, walkways, and patio during the winter months are a welcome sign for water to get in your house and cause damage. Fill these as soon as you can and avoid paying for repairs after the spring rain. Also, make sure your patio and walkways are sloping away from your house so water doesn't pool near your foundation.

3. Caulk, repair windows

Just like cracks, gaps between your windows can let water (and critters) inside. Scrape off any old caulking and replace. Also, check any wood trim or sills for signs of decay and repair or replace as needed. As a bonus, this will also help keep drafts out and your energy bills down.

4. Move wood, junk away from your house

That stack of firewood you had up against the house all winter needs to be moved. It’s damp and will be the perfect breeding ground for a variety of insects. Same goes for any junk you left out all winter that could have water accumulate when all the ice and snow melts

5. Check the AC and Furnace

Spring is the perfect time to make sure your air conditioner is working efficiently and ready for the summer. Check all connections, change the filter, and if necessary have it serviced.

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