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How to Add Extra Space in your Apartment



1. Utilize drawers 

Coffee tables with drawers, end tables with drawers, couches with drawer... almost everything has a drawer, be sure to use up these drawers to declutter your space.

2. Baskets great Decor (But Also, Put Things In Them)

Baskets are great because they can hide all kinds of items, yet they’re not an eyesore like most random containers. In fact, they often contribute to the main vibe of the room. 

3. Buy Under-Bed Totes

Underneath the bed is often home to dust, missing socks, and who knows what.  make the most of this unused space use inexpensive under-bed totes and other containers so that your items stay organized (and dust-free)

4. Dressers Aren’t Just For A Bedroom

the right dresser can go just about anywhere. And they're great because surprise they’re packed with secret storage! The living room is a great spot to use a dresser. Swap a TV stand for a dresser and you’ll have lots of drawers to organize all of your family room essentials.

5. Try Vertical Storage

You may not have thousands of square feet in your apartment, but you can gain some extra space if you use all of your vertical space. Hooks can be a lifesaver in a small rental

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